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      As an Air Force brat, Jasmine grew up in a few different places from Germany, to Japan, to New Mexico. Traveling at a young age allowed her to hone her skills for quickly connecting with others. This led her to the theatre which she pursued throughout high school and college. After college she obtained a master’s degree in social work and is currently a licensed mental health therapist with a speciality in working with youth and the LGBTQ+ community. Through her art and work as a therapist she hopes to encourage people to understand the importance and bravery of vulnerability.




     As an artist, Jasmine strives to create work that speaks to those parts of us as humans that lead with the heart. It is her goal to help audiences leave feeling and thinking, whether they are able to articulate that or not isn’t important. What is important is that people leave having exercised their ability to be compassionate, to be empathetic, to gain perspective, and more specifically, their ability to be perfectly human. 

As a human, when not acting or directing, her two favorite hobbies are making up jingles about her daily life and watching reality tv so please ask about the latest spinoff of the 90 day fiancé franchise so that she may talk your ear off!

Pronouns: She.They

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